My property manager/landlord has not received the account creation link

Here are the different reasons why your manager may not have received the link to create their account

There are several reasons why your manager/owner did not receive their space creation link:

❌ You entered the wrong email address. Don't panic, email us at with your manager/owner's email address so we can resend a link.

🙅 The email sent to your property manager/landlord has fallen into their spam or promotional emails. Ask them to check his spam. If they still can't find their personal space login email, email us at for help.

🧔 Your property manager/landlord already had an account with Depozen. In this case, they received a password reset link by email. They need to choose a new password in order to log into their account.

🙋 Still can't solve the problem? Write to us at We will help you!