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What does the Depozen contract commit me to as a property manager/landlord?

Here are your commitments when you sign up for a Depozen contract

🙋Your contract commits you to:

Not to make false declarations of damage.
To provide Depozen with entry and exit inventories in order to activate your compensation in case of damage or unpaid rent. You can now fill in your RIB within your personal dashboard > "my account" tab, so that you don't waste time at the end of the rental.

🙆 Your contract commits your tenant to:

Pay the monthly premiums for the replacement of their security deposit until the end of their rental, or until the security deposit is paid to their landlord. The tenant can decide at any time to stop Depozen by paying the security deposit.

NB: Don't panic, if your tenant does not pay the insurance premiums, Depozen will accompany you until your tenant leaves.

Reimburse Depozen for any damages at the end of the rental period and/or unpaid rent after your compensation.

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Updated on: 15/09/2023

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