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What do the subscription statuses mean ?

When you create a home insurance (tenant/landlord) or security deposit insurance, you can track the status of the subscription from your dashboard.

Here's what the statuses mean :

Draft :

Insurance creation is in progress and has not been finalized. The subscriber or some of the required property information has not been entered.

Invitation sent:

The information is complete and a subscriber has been invited from the Depozen platform. The subscriber has received the invitation on the email address you provided.

Quotation consulted :

The subscriber has clicked on the invitation link received on their email address and has seen their insurance quote.

Subscription in progress:

The subscriber has started to finalize their subscription, but has not yet entered a payment method or signed their contract.


The subscriber has finalized his subscription and his insurance is active.


The subscriber has made a mistake when subscribing and has asked for the insurance to be deleted, or has chosen to retract within the legal 14-day period after an online purchase.


The insurance has been terminated.

Cancelled for non-payment:

The policyholder has unpaid insurance premiums. After Depozen sends a formal notice, and the legal 30-day period has expired, the policyholder does not paid up, their contract is terminated.

Updated on: 29/12/2023

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