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How do I invite a subscriber on a contract ?

Learn how to invite a subscriber on a contract.

There are two ways to invite a beneficiary to subscribe:

Method 1:

Go to the "Products" tab in the navigation bar and copy the personal invitation link for the desired product. Once you've copied the link, send it to your customer by email or digital communication channel.

The subscriber will be invited to subscribe to the selected insurance product and will be automatically associated with your account.

Inviter souscripteur 1

Method 2:

Create a property to be insured and fill in the information required to set up the insurance. Once this step has been completed, you can go to the property page and click on the "Invite subscriber" button. If you've already entered the subscriber's details, all you have to do is validate the e-mail. Otherwise, you'll need to enter at least the subscriber's e-mail address.

You'll send a predefined invitation email to your subscriber. The subscription link contained in this email will redirect your subscriber to the pre-filled insurance.

Inviter souscripteur 2

When the beneficiary receives the invitation, the status of the contract changes to "subscription in progress ".

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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