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General Terms and Conditions of Use

The purpose of these terms and conditions of use (the "T&Cs") is to provide a legal framework for the provision of the site and its services by Depozen and to define the conditions of access and use of the services by the "User". The present Terms of Use are available on the site under the heading "General Terms of Use". The TOS must be accepted by any User wishing to access the site. They constitute the contract between the site and the User. Access to the site by the User signifies his acceptance of these GTU. The User undertakes to respect these conditions. If the User does not accept the terms and conditions of this contract, he/she will not be able to use the services offered by the site. Depozen reserves the right to unilaterally modify the content of the present Terms of Use at any time.

**ARTICLE 1 - Legal Notice**

The website (hereafter referred to as "the site") is owned and operated by Zenrent, a simplified joint stock company with a capital of 29,996.54 Euros, registered with the Rouen Trade and Companies Registry under number 898 673 744 and whose head office is located at 10 rue Saint-Maur - 76 000 Rouen.
Intracommunity VAT number: FR 43 898673744.
The director of the publication is Mr. Corentin Lescanne, as President.
The person in charge of the editorial staff is Mr. Corentin Lescanne, in his capacity as President.
The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Mr Corentin Lescanne.

**ARTICLE 2 - Access to the site**

The website provides the User with free access to the following services

Details of the different products sold by Depozen: pre-contractual information (prices/warranties) are made available to the customer so that he can make a free personalized quote on the site.
Free articles for all users: articles for users to help them throughout the duration of their lease.
A space for property managers and owners who wish to become Depozen partners.
A customer area for policyholders: a dedicated area for property managers and owners to file claims, access their policies and download insurance certificates.
Customer service: a telephone number, a contact form and an email address are available to all users in order to answer all questions related to Depozen products.

The site is accessible free of charge anywhere to any User with Internet access. All costs incurred by the User to access the service (computer hardware, software, Internet connection, etc.) are at the User's expense. The non-member User does not have access to the reserved services. To do so, they must register by filling out the form. By agreeing to register for the reserved services, the member User undertakes to provide truthful and accurate information concerning his civil status and contact details, particularly his email address. The User is responsible for updating the information provided. It is specified to him that he can modify them by connecting to his member space. The User acknowledges that the validity of the insurance offers proposed by the partners, directly or through their representatives, is subject to the accuracy of the answers provided and that erroneous answers may lead to the cancellation of the insurance contract. The User therefore undertakes to answer all the questions asked fairly and honestly. To access the services, the User must identify himself using his user name and password which will be communicated to him after his registration and which are strictly personal. As such, he/she is forbidden to disclose them. Otherwise, he will remain solely responsible for the use that will be made of them. The User may also request to unsubscribe by going to the dedicated page on his personal space. In case of non-compliance with the general conditions of sale and/or use, the site will have the possibility of suspending or even closing the account of a User after formal notice sent by electronic means and remained without effect. Any deletion of account, whatever the reason, engenders the pure and simple deletion of all personal information of the User. Any event due to a case of force majeure resulting in a malfunction of the site or server and subject to any interruption or modification in case of maintenance, does not engage the responsibility of the site In these cases, the User agrees not to hold the editor responsible for any interruption or suspension of service, even without notice.

**ARTICLE 3 - Personal data**

Or in the case of personal data collection: The site ensures that the User's personal information is collected and processed in accordance with the French law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 regarding information technology, files and freedom. In order to propose insurance offers that correspond to the User's profile, Depozen may collect personal data. The User acknowledges that this data may be transmitted to third parties, notably for the purposes of pricing and subsequent subscription. The User has the right to access, rectify and object to the use of his/her personal data by writing to Depozen, 9 rue de l'Éperon - 75006 Paris, France or by email to The User acknowledges that the Depozen website provides a single point of access to insurance offers that correspond to his/her profile, and facilitates the subsequent purchase of these offers directly from the insurers or their representatives. All information regarding the privacy policy and the management of personal data is available in the "Privacy Policy" section.

ARTICLE 4 - Intellectual property

All trademarks, logos, signs and content on the site (text, images, videos, etc.) are protected by the French Intellectual Property Code and more specifically by copyright. The Depozen brand is a registered trademark of Zenrent SAS, and is registered at the INPI under the number 4774225. Any representation and/or reproduction and/or exploitation of this trademark, in whole or in part, of any nature whatsoever, is totally prohibited. The User must request prior authorization from the site for any reproduction, publication or copy of the various contents. The User undertakes to use the contents of the site in a strictly private context, any use for commercial and advertising purposes is strictly prohibited. Any total or partial representation of this site by any process whatsoever, without the express permission of the operator of the website would constitute an infringement punishable by Articles L 335-2 and following of the Code of Intellectual Property. It is recalled in accordance with Article L122-5 of the Code of Intellectual Property that the User who reproduces, copies or publishes the protected content must cite the author and its source.

**ARTICLE 5 - Responsibility**

The sources of the information published on the site are deemed reliable but the site does not guarantee that it is free of defects, errors or omissions. The User acknowledges that the site aims to provide factual information, and that due to the technological channel used, it does not provide and does not aim to provide advice. The User acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for his/her own insurance choices and for estimating his/her needs in terms of consulting services. The User therefore discharges Depozen of any duty to advise on the choice of insurance and is responsible for any consequences of their choice. The User acknowledges that the sole purpose of this site is to provide indicative insurance quotes, but that the offers presented cannot be considered as binding. Consequently, the User agrees to hold Depozen harmless for any inaccuracies in the coverage, deductibles, prices or service described on this site. The User accepts to read the general and specific conditions of the offer they are preparing to subscribe to, which are the only documents binding on Depozen. The User acknowledges and accepts that the very nature of the insurance business may result in not being able to provide offers for certain profiles, although Depozen makes every effort to provide offers for as many profiles as possible. The User is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by Depozen and accepts no responsibility for the inability of Depozen to provide a quote to the User after the User's profile has been entered. 

The offers proposed by the website are subject to a certain number of conditions of subscription, and to the fact that the activity for which the User queries Depozen meets the conditions of selection of the specified risks. The User agrees to read the general and special conditions of their policy before taking out insurance and to verify that their situation conforms to the policy they are taking out and the data recorded by Depozen, and releases Depozen from all liability in this regard. The User also acknowledges that due to the technical nature of the means used to provide the service, it is the User's responsibility to verify upon receipt of the quote or during the interview with the telephonist that the User's situation is consistent with the data recorded by Depozen. The information provided is for general information purposes only and has no contractual value. Despite regular updates, the website cannot be held responsible for any changes in administrative and legal provisions that may occur after publication. Similarly, the site cannot be held responsible for the use and interpretation of the information contained in this site. The User is responsible for keeping his/her password secret. Any disclosure of the password, in whatever form, is prohibited. The User assumes all risks related to the use of his/her login and password. The site declines any responsibility in this respect. The site cannot be held responsible for any viruses that may infect the computer or any computer equipment of the Internet user, following use, access or downloading from this site. The responsibility of the site cannot be engaged in the event of force majeure or the unforeseeable and insurmountable fact of a third party.

ARTICLE 6 – Third parties

The User is informed that Depozen may authorize other companies, known as third party ad servers or ad networks, to display advertisements detailing the Depozen service on their web pages. Some of these companies may place cookies and action tags (also known as simple pixel gifs) on the User's computer in order to measure the effectiveness of the advertising. For example, advertising networks may compile information on the pages where the User or other computer users have seen advertisements detailing the Depozen service and determine which ones the User or other computer users have clicked on. All information collected by these third party companies via cookies or action tags is completely anonymous.

ARTICLE 7 – Cookies

The User is informed that during his visits to the site, a cookie may be automatically installed on his browser. Cookies are text files, often encrypted, stored in your browser. They are created when a user's browser loads a given website: the site sends information to the browser, which then creates a text file. Each time the user returns to the same site, the browser retrieves this file and sends it to the website's server. There are two types of cookies, which have different purposes: technical cookies and advertising cookies. Technical cookies are used throughout your browsing experience to facilitate your navigation and to perform certain functions. For example, a technical cookie may be used to remember the answers entered in a form or the user's preferences regarding the language or layout of a website, where such options are available. Advertising cookies may be created not only by the website on which the user is browsing, but also by other websites displaying advertisements, announcements, widgets or other elements on the page displayed. These cookies can be used to carry out targeted advertising, i.e. advertising determined according to the user's navigation. The website uses technical cookies. These are stored in the User's browser for a period that cannot exceed six months. The site uses advertising cookies. The User has the possibility to deactivate these cookies. The site uses or may use Google Analytics which is a statistical tool for audience analysis that generates a cookie to measure the number of visits to the site, the number of pages viewed and the activity of visitors. The User's IP address is also collected to determine the city from which he/she is connecting. The length of time this cookie is kept is mentioned in article 7 of the privacy policy available in the "Privacy Policy" section. The site reminds the User that it is possible to refuse the deposit of cookies by configuring his browser. However, such a refusal could prevent the site from functioning properly.

ARTICLE 8 - Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present general conditions of use are subject to French law. In the event of failure to resolve a dispute between the parties amicably, the French courts shall have sole jurisdiction.

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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